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online bank statements

E-Statements are Coming to a computer near you!
We are now offering a great new service to our customers. We can now give our customers the ability to receive their bank statements in an electronic format. This allows us to provide you a bank statement in a much safer manor than a traditional paper bank statement.

Sign up now! It's so e@sy!!!!

How it works:
When your statement becomes available, you will receive an email stating that your bank statement is available for download. At that point, you will need to log into internet banking and download the statement. It's VERY easy and it's FREE!

Am I ready?
Yes you are! All you will need is access to a computer and an online banking account. If you would like to sign up for online banking, you can click here to sign up.

Will my computer support e-statements?
Most newer computers will support this product without any additional software downloads. To ensure that your computer is ready, you will need the following products:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader 8.0 or higher

We would also suggest that you add an exclusion on your security software to allow emails from This is the email address that will send the notification emails that the new e-statements are available.

Frequently Asked Questions
question Are E-Statements safe and secure?
answer Definitely! You have to sign into your online banking account to download your statement. Online banking provides an extremely high level of encryption for your protection. You don't have to worry about someone looking through you mail.
question How will I sign up?
answer You will be asked if you want to sign up when you sign into online banking. If you answered NO when asked, you can reinitiate the process inside of the account options area.
question Do I have to have internet banking to receive an e-statement?
answer Yes! We offer this service through internet banking so that you can control when the statement is downloaded. You can also control who looks at the statement as well. Your privacy and security is our primary goal.
question What format are the statements in?
answer They are provided in Portable Document Format or PDF for short. This document format will allow you to either save a copy on your computer, or print it off on your personal printer.
question Why would I want an e-statement?
answer e-statements are not right for everyone, but they are an option that should be strongly considered. This option provides an extra layer of security to keep your private information private. They are also a good option for those wanting to GO GREEN to save the environment.
question What if I forget to download my statement?
answer No problem! We keep the past eighteen months available for you to download.


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