Running your business is easier with our merchant services

We've partnered with Fitech Payments to ensure that both you and your customer have the highest and finest level of technological support and service available. 

As a business owner, we know you want a broad suite of online advanced payments solutions to help you run your business more efficiently, effectively and profitably.

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Some of our products and services include:
  • Various payment types (chip cards, contactless, mobile wallets)
  • Mobile payment solution
  • Pay online for e-commerce
  • Check processing (paper transactions or electronic)
  • Gift cards and processing
  • Next day funding
  • Online reporting
  • In-house terminal for credit/debit cards
  • Accept Apple PayTM and Android PayTM

Payment Solutions

Pay In-Store

Accept payments in-store and offer customers the option to pay how they prefer. Our solutions use the latest technology so you can accept various payment types including check cards, contactless, and mobile wallets.
  • Mobile Wallets - Offer a speedy and secure checkout by accepting Apple PayTM and Android PayTM. Terminals use NFC technology to accept the latest mobile wallets without collecting any of the transaction information and maintaining cardholder data security.

fitech payments - In-store terminal

Pay On-The-Go

Take your business wherever you go with the mobile payment solution. Securely accept debit and credit card transactions – including chip cards – through your mobile device or tablet.

Pay Online


Sell your products and services online so your customers can make purchases anytime, from anywhere with Internet access. There is no easier, more affordable option for online success.

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