Online Banking Browser Compatibility

We want to ensure that your experience with Online Banking is positive!  We spend a lot of time and resources to ensure that when you access Online Banking, your experience is safe and secure!  Your computer is essential to making this experience secure as well.  The most important thing is to ensure your computer is updated and protected against security threats.  The following will explain the minimum requirements for your computer.

Windows Operating Systems

If your computer is running anything older than Windows 7, your computer will not receive any security updates.  Microsoft does not support Windows XP any longer.  If your computer is running this operating system, it is strongly recommended that you either upgrade the operating system or replace the computer.

MAC Operating Systems

For those of you using a mac, the operating system should be version 10.6 and later.  


Tablet computers are gaining popularity and are a great way to use our internet banking product.  The most important thing to remember when using a tablet is knowing the operating system of the tablet.  If the tablet is using the Windows operating system then you can use it like you would from a regular pc.  If your tablet is an Apple product or runs a version of the Android operating system, then you can access online banking through the Mobile App.  Its Quick, Its easy, and Its free!

Internet Browser

We know that there are several internet browsers out there today.  Although most will work with our internet banking product, our product has been designed to work with Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.  The latest versions of these products will have the most common security vulnerabilities fixed on them.  This is why it is important to keep your computer updated.
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